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Neotech Power Cable UP-OCC NEP-3200
Описание:Neotech NEP-3200 Power Cable,the best in the world!
Neotech has been building cables since 1980, that is, 38 years ago, a year that must be a record for the industry - just like we do. In fact, it is one of the main companies producing not only cables but also primary materials such as UP-OCC (Ultra-Pure, Ohno Continuous Casting), which is at least 99.99998% pure and has a crystal structure with an average length of 125 meters! The specific technique for producing such monocrystalline metal has been invented by Professor Ohno at the Chiba Institute in Japan. In comparison, the usual OF (Oxygen Free) copper we all have in our cables has a crystal structure 2cm long. What does this mean? The UP-OCC and the corresponding silver manufacture are considered to be the best metalworking in terms of both the purity and transmission capacity of the electric signal today.

New Power Cable NEP-3200 terminated 2m (IEC NC-P303 and Schuko NC-P312) 590€
New Power Cable NEP-3001 MKIII terminated 2m (IEC NC-P303 and Schuko NC-P312) 400€
New Speaker Cable NES-3001 per meter 220€
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